June 27, 2013
How I Feel About: Gay Marriage

I really wanted to post about this yesterday, but with most of Alabama standing on a different side than me, I didn’t feel like it was appropriate to discuss what I feel. But then I realized that this is my blog, and I can post what I want to (of course, I really don’t intend to offend anyone — this is just my personal opinion and why I feel that way).

Here’s my claim: I am 100% supportive of gay marriage. 

I’m 0% supportive of a so-called “contract” between gay people supported by many conservatives. This contract that many people support includes an agreement between gay partners for tax and insurance purposes. 

As Ellen so eloquently said to John McCain so many years ago, it really just sounds like our gay brothers and sisters are playing the part of Rosa Parks and being forced to sit somewhere else in the whole marriage thing.

Now, here are some of the typical arguments against gay marriage and my response to them:

  1. Gay marriage disrupts the sanctity of marriage. Traditional marriage is between one man and one woman. Okay, really? Folks, read your Bibles — Solomon had several hundred wives and King David had his fair share as well. If we want to revert to the original sacredness of marriage, I need to go get myself about 20 wives. The statement that traditional marriage is between a single man and a single woman is Biblically unsupported. Therefore, that argument is invalid.
  2. Gay marriage should not be allowed because children need two parents — a mother and a father (watch this video). Okay, Mr. Conservative — why do kids need both a mother and a father? I can name plenty of incredibly successful people who grew up without a mom or a dad. Let me just say that being a sperm donor doesn’t make a man a father. Expelling a baby from your birth canal doesn’t make a woman a mother. Parents are made when they deliver unconditional love to their children. Honestly, what does a baby care if his or her parents are the same sex? Different sexes? What does he or she care if there’s just one? What difference does he or she know? A baby that receives love and care “keeps them off the streets,” not a baby that has a mother and a father. If there are more babies being loved and less babies in orphanages and adoption centers… really, what does it matter?
  3. Gay marriage compromises family values. Yet people can still get like six divorces in the same state. 
  4. God won’t bless a gay marriage. I don’t exactly agree with this, but let’s say that it’s true. If the Christian God does not bless gay marriages, is he going to bless marriages of different faiths? We probably shouldn’t allow Muslims, Hindus, Scientologists, or atheists to get married, then, should we? 
  5. Being gay isn’t natural. People choose to be gay. Did you choose to be straight? Did you one day wake up and say to yourself, “I’ve been asexual up to this point, but today, I’m going to recognize my sexual desires. Here’s a coin — ‘heads’ I like girls, ‘tails’ I like boys.” No, I’m pretty sure that if you’re straight, you’ve never had a need to tell yourself to like people of the opposite sex. Why should it be any different for gay people? And, more than that, as a self-identified straight person, what gives you the right to determine someone else’s sexual orientation? How should you know what they’re going through?

I honestly didn’t mean for this to be a post of arguments. I guess when you stand for a side that is so historically a minority, you get defensive. But I will say this, proudly:

My name is Jackson Barnett, and one day, when I marry the woman of my dreams, I hope my gay brothers and sisters across America will have the privilege to enjoy the same marriage and the same legal benefits as I will enjoy.

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